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Prince (1485--1509) -- Henry's childhood and youth, prior to his accession.

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Need to learn about the six wives of Henry VIII? Watch this, and you'll be able to sing about them. In your sleep.

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Warrior (1509--1525) -- Henry's continental military ambitions, the Battle of the Spurs and their final frustration by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and the ...

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(1526--1536) -- Henry's love affair and marriage with Anne Boleyn, the annulment of his marriage with Catherine, and Anne's fall and execution.

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BBC documentary about the history of the Monarchy.

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Here is a fun animation and original, well almost, song to help you to learn and remember the names and circumstances of the six wives of King Henry VIII of ...

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Tyrant (1533--1547) -- Henry's totalitarian religious and secular policies, as influenced by Anne and others, the Dissolution of the Monasteries, the Pilgrim...

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No copyright infringement has been intended by the uploading of this video; I am simply trying to share this amazingly interesting series.

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Si les revues à potins avaient existé au 16e siècle, ils auraient fait leurs choux gras de la vie d'Henri VIII, roi d'Angleterre. Il était gros, redoutable.....

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Hans Holbein the Younger, Portrait of Henry VIII, 1540, oil on panel (Palazzo Barberini, Rome). More free lessons at:

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Westminster Abbey, formally titled the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, is a large, mainly Gothic church, in the City of Westminster, London, lo...

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This video shows two of Henry VIII's two foot combat armours made for him while he was a young athletic man, for the Field of Cloth of Gold tournament in 152...

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They really do depict King Henry as a monster don't they? I kind of like to think the series "The Tudors" get's it better.

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'Stories in Art' is a series designed to spark an interest in pupils aged 7 to 11 in the great works of art that are accessible in Britain by revealing some ...

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Duration: 09:54
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